Lech Dining

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Lech Restaurants

Like most Alpine resorts the dining scene is hotel-based, and many of them feature exceptional, regional Austrian Arlberg cuisine. Gasthof Post in the Dorf area provides a famed Arlberg menu, friendly service and an encyclopedic wine list, sure to please.  Almhof Schneider is another don’t miss restaurant for traditional cuisine.  Hûs Nr 8—it’s literally the eighth house built in Lech—is one of the best non-hotel restaurants for authentic, regional fare. If you’re looking to switch up the cuisine genre head to Fux Restaurant and Bar on Omesberg for an Asian-fusion steakhouse.

Lech On-Mountain Restaurants

Since Lech tends to experience quieter crowds you won’t find a roaring après-ski scene, nor will you be vying for lunch in a long queue or waiting on walk-in list for a table. But this makes an on-mountain lunch all the more relaxing and Lech certainly offers some choice restaurants.  Oberlech area offers some exceptional patio, dining experiences like Petersboden, Ilga Stuble, Burgwald and the idyllic Alter Goldener Berg.